Our History

Tessera Auctions was founded by a team of professionals who had a passion for  collecting, also combined with a wide business and advertising trajectory, being international benchmarks of the latter sector, we are able to offer the best auctions and pieces/artifacts.

At present, the company has the privilege of having an excellently formed team, lovers of their work and with ample knowledge and experience in the marketing of the products of collecting. Therefore, all our auctions and descriptions have been developed by specialists in this area.

Our outstanding team specializes in areas such as numismatic, the arts or antiques but as good lovers of all collectibles, we have a projection of growth in the rest of areas, in order to help and reach all collectors.

We firmly believe that business can be achieved by linking knowledge, experiences, different areas, illusions and fun at Tessera Auctions, which unites suppliers, customers, collaborators, partners and friends in turns them into family.

In this eagerness for unity, we wanted to share our vocation to disseminate collecting and its history, by creating what we call «Universal Auctions», which are auctions in which all the pieces do not exceed the starting price of €20, in order to make professional collecting  available to everyone’s pockets, helping and uniting beginners and veterans in order to start or complete their collections. This is why we at Tessera consider that our mission is to create auctions while considering collectors, helping us with the innovation and the tastes of the 21st century. And so on: